Basket Bag Roundup – Gal Meets Glam

Especially during the warmer months, you’ll rarely find me without a basket bag in my hand. While my affinity for them began with the totes I occasionally picked up at markets and local shops while traveling, it eventually grew to include basket bags in all shapes and sizes. From roomy, oversized totes, all the way down to petite clutches and crossbody purses, I always love the way their neutral color and natural texture add to an outfit. I carry them so often, I created an entire category for them on my Daily Looks page, so it’s easy to scroll through and see the many ways I’ve styled them over the years. A few of my favorites: I always pack a large basket tote when I’m traveling (I often use it as a carry-on) so I can hold everything I need for the day when we’re exploring a new place, as seen here in Tuscany. I often pair basket bags with fancier dresses to make them look more daytime-appropriate, as seen here and here. Most of all, they’re my go-to daytime bag—I frequently grab one when I’m heading to the office (like here), strolling around the neighborhood on the weekend (like here), or heading out for a post-work date with Thomas (like here).

Even though my basket bags hold the title for one of my most impressive collections, I can always find an excuse to pick up another one. Especially since they’re made of natural materials, no two are exactly alike! I always get excited to come across one in a shape I haven’t seen before, or one that boasts particularly unique (but still timeless) details. Perhaps best of all, basket bags come in a huge variety of price points, so no matter what your budget is, they’re a piece you can easily add to your spring wardrobe. If you love the look as much as I do, I can promise from experience: the cost-per-wear will end up in pennies! I rounded up a few of my favorite options that are available now below.


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